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Isabelle is a business and technology analyst, advisor to startups and the Founder /CEO of Differly Inc. The team at Differly are experts in Digital Business Transformation and business model innovation. As such they help organizations and their leaders adopt, leverage and roll out technology in support of their growth strategy.

She has over 23 years of experience at the intersection of business and technology as well as deep expertise in Go-to-Market. She brings this experience as a mentor within multiple incubators helping founders with their growth strategy and identifying product-market fit. She also serves as the Chair of the Youth Services Bureau Foundation in Ottawa and is mother to 3 young girls.

Benoit Des Ligneries

Benoit started his business in distributed computing, computing clusters and grid computing what is now called the cloud. After ten years and rapid growth from 0 to 30 employees, he finally decided to try the product adventure and joined a library management company serving major clients like the city of Paris or even BANQ. After three years in the management team, the entrepreneurial sting took hold of him. He teamed up to launch Subscribility, now Troly.io: Direct To Consumer, wine and eCommerce. After a year in an eCommerce agency where he carried out several major projects with Magento, he joined Shopify as Product Manager in the Shipping team.


Sharif Virani is a strategic digital communications advisor and fractional CMO with a firm understanding of brand management, growth marketing and digital media/content production as they pertain to DTC, STEM and public advocacy in North America. His past experience in e-commerce, SME growth marketing, public advocacy/ education and corporate relations, has developed into a capacity for evolving plans and campaigns aimed at achieving measurable results in the tri-sectoral implementation of targeted digital and social media strategies.

As Managing Partner and Creative Director of Media Launch, fully acquired by WebMarketers in August 2021, he led both Media Launch’s leading creative and strategy teams and Web Marketers’ fine tuned web dev process and proven approach to SEO/analytics. Working with brands such as UberEats, Skip the Dishes, Door Dash, Narcity Canada, Canadian Blood Services, Premium Meats, Claridge Homes and Iredto, Media Launch helped navigate an evolving digital landscape using the combined experience, flexibility and nimbleness of both firms together to showcase a suite of services essential to today’s SMEs.

Kyle boulay

Kyle Boulay has an impressive resume, including founding the successful startup Bus.com. He works with founders, executives and high-potential employees from pre-seed to Series C companies.

In the 12 months following his departure from Bus.com, he has trained in executive coaching at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), team chemistry dynamics at CORE SCIENCES, and customer-focused strategic processes. He believes that these three discipline areas provide an effective framework for creating transformative teams by working on: emotions at work, team dynamics and implementing effective operational cadence.

David Bureau

David Bureau holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance from the University of Sherbrooke. He co-founded three IT companies while studying and is still involved in several technology startups. David enjoys working on business strategy, M&A, corporate finance, creative business models, and especially on equity / debt / grant fundraising.

David has previously worked as an investment director for multiple Angel investors and High Net Worth individuals, CFO at AmpMe, associate at 500 Startups Canada and as an associate at Diagram Ventures. He has been a startup advisor & part-time CFO for over 30 companies before officially launching Finalytics in 2019. Finalytics serves now more than 100 clients with its 17 finance and accounting professionals.

Olivier Caré

Over the past 25 years, Olivier Caré has evolved in the field of entrepreneurship, first as Associate Technical Director, then manager of a company specializing in IT services for SMEs. The development of this structure has enabled him to experience several acquisition, merger and disposal projects in an international context. Having held various management positions including that of Director of Information Security, and wishing to launch a new project as an entrepreneur, in 2019 he created a structure specializing in supporting business leaders based on a franchise deployed in more than 80 countries (ActionCOACH).

Tomas Kolafa

I am a growth marketing leader based in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. I love tech, marketing and helping businesses grow from product-market fit to a successful exit. Currently, I am the co-founder of Growth Media – an advertising agency that helps companies like Revolut, Ottawa Redblacks, and RVezy to rapidly grow and scale. I am also the CMO at RVezy (Airbnb for RVs).

Julien Bois

Julien has created and developed innovative companies in France, India, Quebec and Ontario in the field of identity and access management. His experience in cybersecurity, financial management, and business administration, particularly in France, is ideal for helping other entrepreneurial minds succeed. In addition to his entrepreneurial pursuits, he teaches in the cybersecurity program at La Cité Collégiale and volunteers as secretary for the Ottawa Valley Regional Council of ISACA.

Sebastian Hadjiantoniou.

Sebastian acquired his MSc in neuroscience from Kings College London and his PhD in cell biology from the Uni‍‍‍versity of Ottawa. He is the co-founder of Incuvers, a hardware/software biotech company whose mission is to connect every scientist around the world to accelerate discovery. Incuvers went from napkin sketch to a fully developed system in under 30 months and raised $1.3M in funding. He’s passionate about all things tech and most importantly how to commercialize them to democratize their value to the world.


Marlene has over 37 years of experience in human capital development. She has taught at the MBA level at the UQTR School of Management. At the same time, she assumed the role of manager for 9 years. In 2010, her academic career evolved into a master’s degree in organizational change, followed by a professional coaching course. To this was added a certification for the NOVA Profile and the facilitation of professional co-development groups. In 2015, she received her certification and opened her coaching firm. Since then, she has been offering coaching services with a global approach to change management to leaders, managers and professionals. Marlene accompanies people towards constructive, positive, meaningful and sustainable change.


Sébastien helps founders and managers to implement best practices in all revenue-related operations. By identifying the bottlenecks in the customer journey and addressing them in an agile and tactical manner, Sébastien and his @Espresso team help organizations increase their revenue and value. Sébastien is an accredited investor and entrepreneur, who graduated from HEC in Management before doing a transition to sales management in a public technology company. He then continued his entrepreneurial journey by investing in numerous promising startups in Canada and the United States. Today, he has one foot in Quebec City and another in Naples, Florida, and invests his time between gas pedals, tech startups, real estate investments and of course his family of 3 children.


Yan began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22 while completing his Masters in International Relations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. His first idea was to change the paradigm of healthcare systems by putting the patient at the center.

With over 11 years of experience in the healthtech industry, Yan has worked with over 12,000 physicians across Canada and the United States, governments, major players in the field (such as Wal Mart, Telus, Shoppers, etc). He has acquired an enviable experience in corporate financing with more than 4 rounds of investments with American, Canadian, public and private funds. Pomelo, which he co-founded in 2011, has become the largest Canadian player in patient communication reaching over 1 million patients per month.

Alexander Rink

With over 20 years experience as a 3-time serial SaaS/Big Data entrepreneur, CEO, Board Director and tech executive, Alex advises CEOs, Boards of Directors, and venture capital and private equity firms on generating growth and successful outcomes for their businesses. Previously, he was the CEO of 360pi, and Chief Growth Officer and head of M&A and merger integration for Numerator, a Vista Equity Partners portfolio company. Prior to starting his entrepreneurial career during the dot com era, Alex was a consultant at Bain & Company and led production material control for a Ford/VW joint venture in Europe.  Alex has an MBA from INSEAD, a B.A.Sc. Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and speaks four languages. When he’s not strategizing growth opportunities or sitting in on web calls, Alex will most likely be found cycling, hiking, reading or spending time with his family.

David Morneau

David is the co-founder and CEO of inBeat, a software-agency hybrid that helps brands increase their growth through micro-influencers. He has helped over 200 digital brands to date, such as the famous #gotmilk brand.

Marco Janeczek

Marco Janeczek is currently Managing Partner at Infinite Venture Partners where he devotes time and financial resources to tech startups. In addition, Mr. Janeczek plays an important role in L-SPARK, where he recruits and supports startups while helping founders acquire clients, partners and funds.

Jean Castonguay

During his 35+ year career as a corporate lawyer and as an entrepreneur, Jean has managed international corporate law and business consulting practices focused on strategic innovation and growth, corporate law, including mergers and acquisitions,
corporate structures, corporate governance, and commercial transactions,
specializing in licensing and strategic partnership agreements.

For the past 20+ years, he has held senior management positions in start-up and high- growth companies spanning the Life Sciences, MedTech, Technology and Manufacturing sectors and has raised over $100M in investment funding for the multiple start up projects where Jean has assumed strategy and leadership roles. As an entrepreneur, Jean received awards for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer from the public to the private sector.

Tom Fedoryak


Raj is an innovative thought leader and high-energy catalyst with more than 25 years of driving technology products, services, and businesses. Inventive yet pragmatic—disciplined by market realities, budgets, technology gaps, business risks, and governance processes. Deliver adaptive business and technology strategies that respond to evolving market realities, leading teams in a spirit of innovation and play while maintaining schedule and budget discipline.

Benoit Laflamme

Étienne Crevier

For many people, following their parent’s footsteps is an obvious choice for their career. However, for Étienne Crevier, both the achievements of his father and his death, convinced him to launch the company BiogeniQ. The young startup wants to bring personalized medicine to patients by offering genetic tests allowing anyone to adapt their lifestyle to their genetic profile.

In the past years, BiogeniQ won several prizes such as the most innovative startup in Quebec for 2014 by the Quebec Entrepreneurship Award and in 2016 by the Québec Junior Business Board Network. BiogeniQ also received the award for the most innovative startup in Canada by the SpinMaster Innovation Fund as well as the most innovative company in Life Sciences in 2016 recognized by the Innovations Awards of the ADRIQ-RCTI. Finally, Etienne is also the Scientific Entrepreneur of the Year 2014 as well as a finalist for the Young Entrepreneur of the year 2016 recognized The Young Chamber of Commerce of Montreal and the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

Anne-Marie Lapalme

Marcos Carvalho

Francis Dion

Serial entrepreneur, consultant, investor and mentor. Specialist in commercialization of innovation, with a keen interest in startups and the role of entrepreneurs in society. I am also passionate about the real-world applications of technology, particularly in the context of software development, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

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