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Inventor, creator, dreamer… whatever you want to call them, the founders who enter our programs are our pride and reason for being. They are at the heart of innovation in the community and we will continue, day after day, to support them in building strong startups that revolutionize their field of activity.

Widenweb is a startup specializing in the development of e-commerce and online payment solutions. Their application, WidenPay, is a solution that allows businesses using online billing tools such as QuickBooks to save on their transaction fees month after month.

i / Collective is an interactive digital tool dedicated to managers and employees. It helps to increase the full potential of employees by promoting a climate conducive to dialogue. By aiming to maximize our employees’ potential, we aim at a better engagement and retention of employees in companies.

RePowered Batteries is a manufacturer of second hand batteries. The technology behind the reclamation of batteries is optimized through the use of mathematical and chemical data. They offer electric vehicle manufacturers a circular solution for managing their batteries and provide a premium product to battery suppliers in the electrical grid.

SpaceFlex, with a single point of contact, allows workers to quickly and efficiently find a place to work in Ottawa and Gatineau that suits their needs and is close to home. Working from home doesn’t work for everyone and working in the office will never be the same.

One Lab Technologies specializes in IT operations and enterprise’s product management. Its expertise goes from cybersecurity to automation and allows its clients to focus on their core business and expertise. Their approach based on unparalleled customer service allows them to create relationships of great trust with their clients.

Incuvers’ vision is to enable scientists around the world to connect with each other to accelerate discovery. Their platform allows them to compare their results and experiments in real time. In addition, Incuvers has created its own scientific incubator, IRIS, which is the first intelligent incubator of its kind that allows real-time observation of cells, recording of data in a cloud and submiting updates.

Delfast Services Inc. is a service that offers express distribution and local supply chain solutions across Canada. With an extensive network in Quebec, Ontario and across the country, they provide delivery for a wide variety of industries both on-demand and custom. Their offer is very interesting for any company that sells products online.

HostageFund is an application that helps people achieve their health goals. To do this, their members put up a painful amount of money ($250.00 or more) to force themselves to follow-through. If they don’t complete their commitments, they lose their down payment forever. You can accomplish anything when you are unreasonable with the consequences!

Innovention builds advanced conversational agents, capable of conversing with people online in a human way. Thanks to a cognitive approach, these agents can answer the majority of questions asked in an interactive and lively way, in French, English and Spanish, as if you were talking to a real person. While a human struggles to answer 2 questions at the same time, Olivia can answer more than 25 people at a time, in an individual and personalized way, thanks to both her technical and relational skills. Thus, Innovention’s mission is to improve the customer experience and optimize the time of people in customer service.


BT Clean Welding Technology

BT clean welding technology specializes in creating customized smoke extraction systems for industrial welding plants. Since 2017, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has recognized welding smoke as a carcinogen. As a result, organizations responsible for worker health and safety, such as the CNESST, are increasingly mandating the integration of smoke extraction systems in industries performing welding. BT clean welding’s fume extraction technology allows industries to better meet new health and safety standards and protect workers across Canada.

Kohezion offers turnkey solutions that allow anyone in an organization to create a custom database application in the cloud. No coding required. It has never been easier to create a database!

XFLYDRONE is a service company specialized in the acquisition, analysis and processing of data by aerial drone. XFLYDRONE is also involved in search and rescue through its C.D.A. branch.

Kiosk Dimensions stands out in the market for its creation of “booths” that allow the creation of private spaces while respecting social distancing measures. The company also specializes in the creation of customized booths and pavilions. Kiosk Dimensions evolves with new trends in design and manufacturing techniques and offers innovative and original concepts.

Inbeat is an influencer marketing agency that uses technology to create matches between businesses and micro-influencers on social networks. The agency allows both the creation of influencer campaigns on Instagram, TikTok, but also the creation of content for various platforms such as Pinterest.

Waxdale is an online entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides tools, services, and processes that facilitate integration into various local ecosystems to increase the chances of success for local businesses.

App8 is a mobile application that allows you to pay your bill in a fast, secure and contactless way. No need to wait for the waiter to pay the bill as everything is done directly from the application. The application allows restaurant owners to serve up to 25% more customers each day and hold more profits! The application also allows for online take-out sales!

In collaboration with Les Fermes AquaVerti Inc., AquaVerti Outaouais is launching a commercial vertical hydroponic farm in the Outaouais region. This is the first commercial vertical hydroponic farm operating in a controlled environment in a building. The building production technique makes it possible to differentiate itself from other producers using more conventional methods and cultivation practices.

WELOAD is trying to revolutionize one of the most fascinating industries in North America, which is road freight transportation. To achieve this goal, we are developing an innovative digital solution to connect shippers and freight carriers in a more efficient and ecological way.

Rica is a Quebec reinterpretation of the Mamajuana! It is a balanced blend of white rum, red wine and typically honey that are macerated in a mixture of wood chips, plants and tropical spices.

Rica, wanting to go further than simply “making you discover” is a real attempt to create bridges between cultures and to open the discussion on cultural identity. That’s why honey has been replaced by maple syrup, as a nod to our culture! Incorporated in February 2021, Rica is currently in the process of entering the SAQ by the end of 2021!

Plantaform is a company that revolutionizes indoor gardening with turnkey incubators to grow food at home. Year-round gardening has never been easier.

Battery.Market is the bridge between those who have batteries, and those who are looking for them. Often these two parties speak a different language (knowing cars vs knowing batteries), and our database bridges that gap, making it easier for battery seekers to find what they want, while making the batteries easier to list regardless of your technical knowledge. By analyzing sales data we can also give those getting rid of batteries a clear picture of what their battery is worth, or if they should be paying to have it disposed of responsibly.

Efani provides solid cyber solutions to curb the growth of the threat landscape in SIM swap fraud. Today’s typical mobile operator is automated for efficiency, taking thousands of new SIM card requests per day. This is a hacker’s dream come true! It is their goldmine. Hackers can easily bypass identity checks by stalking your social media and guessing your security questions appropriately. Efani deters hackers in their tracks. We block all swaps by default. 

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