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Our next event

Startup Class : How to implement green economy in your business

july 22, 11am on zoom


Startup Class: How to implemant green economy in your business

Presented by: CREDDO & Fonds Écoleader

Available in french only

This training puts the green economy in context while focusing on the circular economy, including the reasons that justify the transition to companies. With the help of concrete examples, the training provides a better understanding of certain strategies for implementing circular economy. Businesses will also have the opportunity to learn more about some of the resources available to help them start a green shift, including the Ecoleader Fund.

Our success stories

An app that motivates employees without discouraging managers

“We want to reproduce the informal exchanges that take place in an office,” says iCollective’s president and co-founder. Whether it’s when someone calls on the talents of others for help or when a manager stops in his or her office door to ask ‘How are you doing?”

inBeat : the new era of Holiday marketing

” Companies around the world are turning to influencer marketing especially before the holidays. According to inBeat’s CEO, it is a great strategy to recommend to companies thinking about expanding their marketing efforts internationally or simply entering a new market. “

Arnaud Bihizi: 2022, or delivery at high speed

“Founded in 2016, Delfast provides outsourced delivery services to big players like Amazon and, also, directly to various businesses. Today, it has $10 million in revenue.”

Alberto Aguilar: NASA in your kitchen in 2022

” If someone told you that it would soon be possible to have a technology developed by NASA in your kitchen, you would probably raise an eyebrow. For the company Plantaform, this technology was the golden opportunity to seize. “

Our CEO’s favorite featured on

Le Droit Affaires

“Are Ottawa and Gatineau great cities? And who are the companies that embody the modern and current character of the region? Le Droit AFFAIRES put the question to five personalities from the business world.”

Veggies at home… like in space!

“Just as Nespresso revolutionized the concept of the coffee maker, Plantaform may have the next small pod appliance that hundreds of thousands of consumers around the world will want to buy: the Rejuvenate indoor mini-garden.”

Kohezion creates a solution to manage data during the pandemic for its U.S. clients

With crying needs for data management in the healthcare field, Kohezion, in its growth phase in our incubator, Institut Innovation Gatineau, has changed the way the 5th largest county in Washington State in the United States manages its data. 

Interview innovation challenges

The General Director of the Gatineau Innovation Institute discussed with Mr. Marcoux on Les Matins d’ici, on CBC, to explain the importance of the innovation challenges for the organization in Outaouais.

Innovation Challenges

Our team has identified different challenges that we face as a society. It is by positioning our resources towards these challenges that we can accelerate the creation of innovative solutions that address the great challenges of humanity

IIG becomes the official relayer for MAIN

IIG becomes the official relayer of the Momentum services of the MAIN  as well as theImpulsion PME program.

Betralif – Visit a former coach

“It was impressive to see the high-technology used in the plant. Their facilities are very innovative, sophisticated and modern and it will definitely set them apart in Canada.”


The support we have received from the business community has been significant for our innovative community, and until now, we have not had the pleasure of saying that Quebec also supports us.


Fi-Lancement facilitates the obtaining of a microloan from MicroEntreprendre Outaouais of up to $5000 for members incubated in the prototype phase at the IIG. Needing to finance themselves at critical moments in their start-up, startups must pay particular attention to the prototyping of their business solution.

Desjardins invested locally

Thanks to the financial support of Desjardins and its generous donation of $250,000, the Institute will be able to support “30 companies in incubation and 15 companies in acceleration over the next year.

400 000$ in donations for startups

“We held a call for experienced entrepreneurs who have already been successful and we proposed our different model to them. Through an event, Je Suis Entrepreneur, on October 5th, 2019, we were able to rally these people and we called on their help. With their help, we raised over $400,000 [for the startups].”

One of our successful startups

Congratulations to one of our startups, Incuvers Inc. for completing their $800K pre-seed round. These funds will be used to bring their first IRIS product to market in North America and Europe.

Our startups stand out

A great success for all our startups highlighted by Marie-Lou St-Onge’s interview. We can’t wait to see what achievements our startups have in store for us in the future.

A helping hand that pays off

Thanks to the involvement of the business community at the Innovation Institute Gatineau, we have been able to help thirty companies in our innovative startup programs over the past year, which have generated sales exceeding $1.2 million.

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