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Business idea validation 

Why validate your business ideas before executing them?

Transform your business idea into a real, tangible, and useful solution for your target market. Discover the ideal product for a market through our validation process. You will have all the tools and support necessary to create a startup.

Why validate your concept before investing in your startup?

Validating your business idea will hold you accountable for creating a genuine value proposition for a market that demands this solution. It is by assessing the real need in this market that your solution will have real added value. This process not only ensures that you are addressing a genuine problem but also reduces risks before spending significant amounts of money. Once you are certain of the value you can truly bring, raising capital and funds for your startup will be much more accessible.

Added value of the program

Our bilingual online programs are created by and for entrepreneurs. We focus on developing programs that will assist you in building any type of startup. We create opportunities for you to interact with other founders and learn as much as possible about the startup world throughout your founder journey. Our experienced coaches and program managers will help you grow through your experience in the programs and truly test your solution.

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